Bagh Travel Guide

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a cave situated in village bhutti shreef,district bagh (ak)

a cave situated in village bhutti shreef,district bagh (ak)

Bagh city is the district headquaters of the Bagh district which lies adjacent to the districts of Rawalakot and Muzafarabad. The Bagh district has a population of 350,000. The best places to visit in Bagh are Sudhan Gali, Ganga Chaoti, Nanga Peer, Lass Danna, Mallot, Bees Bagla, Neela Butt, which are over 9000 feet obove sea level. This is one of the poorest districts of Azad Kashmir with hardly any industrial base. The people rely on small stretches of land for growing their food.

Kirf is currently running some 38 projects in district Bagh, which include Water supplies, Vocational Training Centres. Schools, Dispensaries and sponsorships for poor students.

Another buautiful place in Bagh is Kalary Topi Chitra about 5 kilo meter west from Bagh Chitra is about 8900 ft high mountain from sea level.Kalary is a valley down side from Chitra hill a beautiful land scap in bagh districk.

bagh is beautiful city another beautiful place is burka and sunggar

There is another beautifull village in Bagh Dist.which name is Jhir Ghani Abad.It is a very beautifull village surounding with hills like bees bagla mallot nanga peer and kopra hills.Ghani Abad is linked with islam abad Muzaffa Abad and Bagh city by roads.Many Famous persons of azad kashmir history like army officers islamic scholars journlists police officers are living there,Molana Abdul Ghani(late)was the first islamic scholar of this area.Professor Yaqoob Shaique is another famous scholar and writer of many books.

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Abdul Hameed Akhtar Qureshi

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