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Ghulam Abbas Bhatti

Ahmad pur Lamma


is a town in Punjab near the border of Sindh and Punjab.
It comes under the Distric Rahim Yar Khan,next to Sadiqabad.
'Lamma'is a word used for 'west' in Sairiki Language.


It was developed by Nawab of Bahawal Pur,and named it after the name of local Nawab 'Ahmad Kahn Abasi'
the village was reshaped by the Nawab in 1764.No historical Event took place here.
Both Hindu and Muslim peasants made the town prosperous.At that time,under the order of Nawab Bahawal, sub Tehsil was established here, which became Tehsil, soon. Although the town is very historical and important but due to lake of Govermental Intrest Revenue had been the main problem of this town,even now in 21st century.
Unfortune for the town,when British laid the railway line from Peshawar to Sind through Bahawalpur State, it passed through Sadiqabad.
Its status of tehsil was confiscated in the favour of Sadiqabad another village, later turned into a busy city. Ahmad pur lamma became a town committee, a sad incident for the locals. Town never recovered from the shock.

Geographic Aspects:

Latitude 28.3167, Longitude 70.0500, Altitude (feet) 249 ,Lat (DMS) 28° 19' 0N Long (DMS) 70° 2' 60 E Altitude (meters) 75
Ahmad pur lamma is situated at the border of Punjab and sind, on the road from Sadiqabad to Bhong. It has a long hot summer with very low annual rain .Winter is short and dry.(wikipedia)

Social Life:

It is near to Sarikistan so most of the people here are Sariki speaking.Pujabi,Rajpot are not less in number.People of Ahmad Pur Lamma are very simple and not money oriented.Although Exceptions are there.Their dresses are very simple.
they like to sit togather.In Ahmad Pur Lamma you can See the people enjoying the company of friends for hours without any tensions.

Historical Places:

The mud made Town Fort,Basharat shah,Shrines of Hazrat Fazil shah, Khaki shah
Haveli Mukhi Sat ram , Rang Mahal etc.


In the past the town remained very backward in education,and this situation is still going on.
People like to send their children for work instead of sending them to school.
But Al-Hamd-U-Lillah this culture is vanishing now.
Ahmad Pur Lamma has produced a number of people who contributed a lot towards the improvement of their own life Styles,but none thought of improving their birth place.(exceptions are their).
The students who want a good education have no chance of getting it within the town.Thy have to go to Sadiqabad or Rahim Yar Kahn.

Problems of the Town:

The town remained neglect in any sort of development work by the Government of Pakistan.
The Only Govrnment High School didn't have any boundary wall.
Coming towards health,the only govrment hospital even don't have the basic facilities as compared to other cities of Pakistan.
There is no proper bus stop in the town...and many more.


The town need the attention of the government.
We expect nothing from Our political Leaders,because they are thre to serve themselves not the people(sorry to say,but a reality).We expect a lot from our young generation,and Educated personalities.We will Solve our problems ourselves if the government couldn't.
We are struggling for betterment and I hope one day we will make Ahmad Pur Lamma,a city which become a proud for people of Pakistan ....'''IN SHA ALLAH'''.

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If you have any suggestions please write me freely.

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Muhammad Shahzad Javed

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: www.ahmadpurlamma.webs.com

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