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More than likely, Pokhara is your second stop in Nepal after Katmandu, or after a long trek around the Annapurna Mountain range. And by now you are quite aware that Nepalese cuisine is cheap, flavorful, and delicious. Pokhara is the 2nd largest city in Nepal, and has a laid back vibe due to is proximity to the Lake and its breathtaking views of the Himalaya's. The restaurants here do not let down the adventurous traveler, or the weary trekker. Take a stroll along the Lake side road and you will see many restaurants, walking into any of these establishments pretty much guarantees a good meal at a good price. 


A good place to start, especially if you are staying at the Dharma Inn, is the Rainbow Rooftop Restaurant. For a very reasonable price, with a great view you can have excellent service and a delicious breakfast. The menu is diverse with your typical eggs, potato, toast breakfast, to more traditional Nepali breakfast with fresh fruit. Chhetri Sisters Guest House and Restaurant is a charming little restaurant located within the "3 sisters" guesthouse. At first glance this may not seem like the place, but once you have moved past the pylons, a lovely morning view of Phewa Lake and a mixed vegetable omelette should do the trick. 


Looking for a good outdoor spot in a park-like setting? Then look no further than Fewa Park Restaurant, a good family spot with a long menu, serving spicy Tandooris and curries, and some of the best daal bhats in Nepal. Dunatappuri, The Leaf Plate Restaurant is a new traditional restaurant where you sit on floor mats and eat traditional Nepali dishes at the low sitting tables. Here you get a chance to actually see how the food is prepared, cooked, and served in an authentic setting. If you are looking for something quick, try a few of the street vendors. The local street food is usually prepared vegetarian, cold, dry, and sometimes organic, not to mention it is tasty fare.


Yakitori Restaurant, is somewhat of a Nepali/Japanese restaurant located close to the main bus station. Serving some traditional Nepali dishes, Japanese noodle dishes, and the house specialty Yakitori chicken. Very clean and intimate. Holy Momo Cafe is one of the best cheap spots in Pokhara, serving a mix of Nepali and western food. You can have a quick burger or pizza, or try some of their steamed veggie momo - yummy. Some say a trip to Pokhara is not complete without a trip to Almonds. Located in the city center, this is a locals joint, but visitors should not miss out on the huge menu of anything and everything Nepali or Indian, the tandoori dishes are second to none.

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t'hic t'hak restautant

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we have specailly hole live fish, fire wood pizza, russian magic pot and interanational food also can served foy u  thank yu and see u our restaurant

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PriceOfMenu:195to465 nepali rupees

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