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King Prithvi Narayan Shah is the Founder of the modern state of Nepal. A member of the ruling Shah family of Gurkha (Gorkha) principality, he conquered the three Malla kingdoms (see ) and consolidated them. After unifying Nepal, he annexed territory in northern India, as well as large portions of the Plateau of Tibet and of the valleys of the Inner Himalayas. He sealed Nepal's border and maintained peaceful but distant relations with the British.  Above Nuwakot one finds the inspirationally restored Famous Farm with its wonderful location of river-valley views with a short walk down to the fort and palaces of the 'little Shangri-la' of Nuwakot Bazaar.  Little-known right now, Nuwakot remains one of Nepal's best-kept secrets - and the challenge needs to be not so much to keep this spectacular but time-worn citadel the way it is but to help ensure that inevitable change is for local benefit and that it is sustainable. 

The Famous Farm itself is a cluster of three buildings which together provide the sheer delight of just a little more than typically luxurious Nepali country living.  Stay for a night or a week, or use The Farm en route to trekking in the Langtang Himal or for short walks in the glorious neighbourhood.  Lonely Planet quotes:  Those enterprising chaps at Himalayan Encounters have recently established this harming lodge.  The Famous Farm offers rooms with lots of local details set around a serene and peaceful garden.

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