Hotels in Nagarkot

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Nagarkot is located in the beautiful countryside of Nepal, at somewhat a higher altitude than the capital iofKathmandu. Here are some of the Nagarkot Hotels that may appeal to the various groups of people with different needs.

Country Villa

Popular among the backpacking crowd, the Country Villa hotel is a two-star establishment at the mountainside region of Nargarkot. Located near most of the major tourist attractions, Country Villa offers the basic amenities in a comfortable setting. Constructed in the style of an inn, the hotel is warm and homely, even with a heater on in the main hall for a winter’s night. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the sheets are cleaned daily. Rooms go up to US$58 during peak season and are available for as low as US$30 during the off-peak period.


Fort is one of Nagarkot’s established hotels, offering a total of 29 rooms. This 3-star hotel is a good place for tourists looking for a quieter place to rest. A smaller number of guest rooms also means that service is more personalized – indeed, the front desk receptionist begins to know you by the name after a few days, and automatically hands you your room key upon entry into the hotel. Air-conditioning is available, although mostly unnecessary given that Nagarkot's temperature is low and comfortable for most of the year. Fort’s rooms come at a rate of about US$90 throughout the year.

Club Himalaya

Those looking for the ultimate luxury in Nagarkot can opt for Club Himalaya. Built like a modern, fancy hotel chain, Club Himalaya offers the best comfort that anyone can find in Nagarkot. Room service is readily available, and the service staff generally have a better command of English than in other places. In addition, Club Himalaya caters to the busy business people, offering a business center complete with Internet--quite a rare find in Nagarkot. Don’t expect the best though – while this hotel is rated four-stars, it still can be a slight disappointment compared to the luxury hotels found in other Nepalese cities such as Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Nagarkot truly reflects the essence and simplicity of mountain life in Nepal, with nature walks and Nepalese temples. Experience the wonderful hospitality of Nepal’s people in Nargarkot, especially where the hotels are always warm and welcoming regardless of the class and rating.


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