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Aanand Hotel

Aanand Hotel

Janakpur is a highly revered Hindu town and a region of great mythological significance that is believed to have been the birth place of the female protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana, Sita. The Janakpur Travel Guide offers visitors information on the history, attractions and accommodation options of this religious and cultural tourist destination.


The Janakpur municipality, headquartered in Dhanusha, is a bustling religious and historical pilgrimage center that houses the ancient and venerable Janaki Temple-structure built by Queen Brisabhanu Kumwar of Tikramgarh in 1911. The temple alone is responsible for converting Janakpur into a major Hindu pilgrim hub that sees thousands of Hindus throng here to witness the grand epical legacy of India’s mythological heroes. The town is also the biggest Mithila Culture learning center in the world. Janakpur though not a highly frequented Nepalese destination by international travelers , unlike its more prolific peers, is a good stopover for a night or two to catch the cultural flavor of the nation.
The narrow by lanes of the town are chock-a-block with old temples, cacophonous bazaars and more than a hundred glistening ponds for undertaking the ritualistic holy bath . The local bazaars are the best place to pick up traditional artifacts. The Janakpur Women Development Centre stocks an array of Mithila Handicrafts. The best way to travel to Janakpur is to take a direct flight from Kathmandu. Alternatively visitors can take a government Sajha bus from Kathmandu at approximately $5.  

Food and Accommodation

A majority of the hotels and restaurants in Janakpur are located at Station Road, which is few kilometers to the northeast of the town center. The town doesn’t exactly serve the most delectable cuisine in the region but you can find decent fare at Kwality Restaurant and Nawrang, an eatery specializing in Nepali food. Sanjog Restaurant, located towards the west of Station Road, is also a good place for a generous meal at moderate prices. For accommodation the best picks are Hotel Welcome- an average place that finds itself on the list only because of a sheer lack of able competitors, some rooms are clean, others avoidable, however the service is good. Rooms are priced at $ 2 for common bath and $ 5 for attached bath.   Another average pick that is priced in the same range is Hotel Rama, nestled in a quiet location and housing a decent fare serving restaurant. Shukh Sagar ($ 3- $ 5) is located near the main Janaki Temple and is a popular option along with Anand Hotel ($3-$5)


There are other temples apart from the main Janaki Temple that line-up the roads of Jankpur. The Ram Sita Vivaha Mandapa is an ancient pagoda type structure that celebrates the wedding of Lord Ram and Sita. The Ram Mandir is located to the south of the Janaki temple and is a Nepalese style heritage edifice. The Sankat Mochan Temple is erected in reverence of the monkey god, Hanuman. The Dhanush and Ganga Sagar Tanks complete the Indian mythological odyssey.   

Janakpur is a beautiful illustration of cultural exoticism and faith that manifests itself in the numerous temples housed all over the town.
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