Gorkha (Gurkha) Travel Guide

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Gorkha Durbar, the 16th century fort, palace and temple

Gorkha Durbar, the 16th century fort, palace and temple

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Gorkha is a historical and picturesque district comprising Mt Manaslu (8,156 m ) the eight highest mountain in the world. Gorkha as a district covers an area of 3,610 sq km in the central Nepal with population of 2,88,134. This is from where the unification of present Nepal began in mid 18th century. Under the leadership of Gorkha king the brave people fought with British in 1814 – 1816. Impressed by courage and strength of hill people, British recruited Gorkhalies into British army and are keeping the tradition unlit the date.
In the present, Gorkha has many tourist attractions. The main attraction is the Gorkha Bazaar, 24 km north of Anbu Khaireni on the Kathmandu – pokhara highway. The road snakes high up the Daraundi Khola (river) coming to the mountainside with magnificent view of Mt Manaslu. Atop Gorkha Bazaar at 1,500m stands the historical fortress temple and palace of Gorkha kings. This will make nice morning hike of 45 mints. The hill top offers the panoramic view of Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal range. This side trip will provide more insights on Nepal than one are likely to get in Pokhara or Chitwan.  

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