Day Hike in Kathmandu

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A trip to the Newar villages in the southwestern settlements of Kathmandu valley. The day start with a short drive to explore the historic town of Kirtipur, we hike through beautiful cultivated countryside and scattered settlements. We cross the Bagmati River close to where it drains the entire Kathmandu valley, on a suspension footbridge to arrive at the medieval Newar sister towns of Khokana and Bungamati. Khokana is renowned for its mustard oil presses and Bungamati has traditionally been a wood carver's town. After a picnic lunch, we climb onto the ridgeline and continue through Brahmin and Chhetri villages and cultivation to Chapagaon. From here we drive back to Kathmandu, arriving early evening. For many, it's the most insightful day of their stay in Nepal.
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