Bodnath Travel Guide

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Those Eyes

Those Eyes

Janis E. Viren

Bodnath is only a short ride from Kathmandu and worth the detour. Although the town itself is fairly small, it boasts the largest Stupa in Nepal. Most visitors are rather surprised when they get out of one of the narrow alleys and set their eyes on this enormous stupa that was built by Tibetan Buddhists. Due to the fact that these Tibetans were not allowed to practise their religion in their home country, Bodnath has become an important religious centre. The enormous Stupa with its penetrating eyes, numerous prayer-wheels and swaying flags is built on a white elevation that is surrounded by small handicrafts shops and several 'gompas' (Tibetan Buddhists monasteries). If you're interested in both Tibetan culture and religion then Bodnath is a place not to be missed!
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