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Accommodation in Birgunj (Birganj)

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Hotel Vishuwa

Hotel Vishuwa


Hotel Makalu have decent rooms well furnished bundled with good food restaurant. Though I am not sure all the rooms offer as pleasant view that my room offered Makalu is a good option for a transit halt.


Phone Number: 00977 51 23054,28500
Email   :

October 23, 2005 new by holyboy

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Hotel Vishuwa

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Hotel Vishuwa
Hotel Vishuwa
photo by: Dipak

Due north of the Birganj bus park, Hotel Vishuwa is the best hotel in south central Terai. A well-kept pool, drinks, a decent kitchen, and very friendly staff make this hotel almost literally an oasis in a rather unpleasant looking part of Birganj.

Immediately to the north of Hotel Vishuwa is the quaint Vishuwa Mandir, a Buddhist temple, that is worth the 5-minute walk. The more expensive place in town, but with very nice rooms, comfortable beds, and a lovely garden area for badminton , a nice day or two can be spent here, next to the pool.

type:First Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:(977) 51-527777
CostOfDoubleForANight:NRs. 2500
address:Bypass Road, Vishuwa - 18

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