Birgunj (Birganj) Travel Guide

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Hotel Vishuwa

Hotel Vishuwa


You may chance to pass through the cities of Birganj and Raxual, on the Nepali and the Indian sides of the border respectively, if you're travelling across the border of the two countries (on the southern fringes Nepal). If you have to spend a night, Birganj would be a better choice. Arguably the best hotel option in Birganj would be Hotel Vishuwa. Rooms here would cost you about US$50. The place has a set of high-end faciolities including a nice swimming pool, decent restaurant and has quite a safe locale. Did I mention AC? North to the bus park, you cannot miss the big, green building. Depending on your pocket, there could be two more options — after a 7-minute rickshaw ride on the main road northward from Raxual you'll reach an area called Alakhiya Math where you'll sight Hotel Makalu (rooms here may cost NRs. 600 a night), next to a big Shiva temple and the Skyline Air office. A little further on the road westward, and you find a place mainly dominated by hotels, airline offices, money cambios, and travel agencies. Hotel Kailash on the left hand side of the road(which offers rooms as economically as NRs. 500 a night), lies near the Cosmic Air office (ask). In this locality, there are many internet cafes usually costing you NRs. 30 for an hour of surfing. The speed is OK. The road running east-west between the buspark and the Ghanthaghar (clock tower) has a couple of good hotels too. They may be a little more expensive than Hotel Kailash or Makalu. First to come on the left hand side is Hotel Heera Plaza, which has a nice restaurant. They may charge about US$40 for a room. Just a little farther down the road along the same side is Kumu Palace, relatively nice with charges about US$50 for a room. Among the places to visit in the Nepali sub-metropolitan city of Birganj are the clock tower (Ghantaghar), the typical Shakya sculpture with four giant clocks on all the four sides of the building and Ghariharwa Pokhri, a circular pool with a beautiful Sun temple in the middle of it.

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