Sights in Bhaktapur

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The center of Bhaktapur is off limits to automobiles, which makes it a much more peaceful place to walk around and enjoy the sights.

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Potter's Square

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In Potter's Square you can watch people making simple things like bowls and jugs, or elaborate figurines and incense burners. Prices for souveniers are much better, once you  know how to bargain!

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Peacock Window

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Many of the carved windows in Bhaktapur's Durbar Square are magnificant, but the Peacock Window is definitely the most elabourate. It is a second-floor window to an ordinary builing, tucked away down a narrow alley off Durbar Square. Right across the alley from the Window is a master woodcarver's shop, who specializes in replicas and variations on the window, but also makes everything from tiny carved boxes to giant mirrors and trunks, all elabourately carved. The woodcarver has a second floor window opposite the Peacock Window, and will let you take pictures from there.

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