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capital city of maldives

capital city of maldives


Male is the capital city of the Maldives. It resides a few kms to the west of the main airport. It is about 2km across and boasts a population of around 50,000 people. Needless to say it is literally a city in the ocean.

As a tourist you can walk around Male by yourself, although the locals prefer it if you take a quided tour. Highlights include the main mosque which has a golden dome visible from any of the islands near by. Even from a resort just on the horizon, you make make it out. Another highlight is the local fish market, although the smell may put the more sensitive off.

The Maldives have had a fairly turbulant political history recently and there are some areas of the capital city where you are not permitted to take photos for security reasons so be aware of this when walking around.

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