Day Trips in Maldives

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All of the resorts organise day trips to local villages, islands or snorkelling and scuba diving areas. Simply sign up and enjoy. But take some extra cash for tips.

Most of the resorts close to the capital city Male also offer a tour of it. This is an interesting trip, especially if you get a chance to visit the main mosque.

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Local Village Trips

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Most resorts will offer a trip to a local village. Often as part of a tour of local islands. For most tourists this is the only chance to get a look at the local culture as the Maldavian government does not allow independant travel without permits.

The villages that are visited are used to tourists coming though and you will get a bit of an idea of what it is like to live there. Beaware though, that these trips always end up at the local tourist shops, so be prepared to barter for the things you like.

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