Krishnanagar Travel Guide

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The place is only 2.5hr away from Kolkata. A very good place to visit for a single day. Someone can start journey from Sialdah at morning by train and visit some attractive places in Krishnanagar, and come back at night. The name Krishnanagar came from the name of the king Raja Krishnachandra. You can visit his palace. It is having lots of historical values. You can go to the bank of Jalangi river. The most attractive place in Krishnanagar is the Ghurni. Ghurni is world famous for its clay-art. Without going you can't imagine how much beautiful, attractive, colourful models or expressions can be made using clay. Persons who are involved with this work known as Patra. They sell their creations also. For transportation in side the city you can depend on the Cycle Rikswas(Some time you need to bargain with them). You can spend 2-3 hours in the Ghurni itself.
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