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Institute main building

Institute main building

sharath babu

Durgapur's roots lies in its industrial strength. However, the amount of history that has passed over this region, is truly amazing. After a lull for some years, pretty much brought about by failed politics both at central, state and local levels, and apathy at all decision making bodies, Durgapur has turned around, resilient in its very core value: Hard work, industry and labor make life prosperous and modern - not sweet talk - not the "we were glorious at one time" mentallity.
              "Durgapur city hard and strong "
               "Land of labour and toil"     as said by a poet
It is actually very good for tourism, if you know where to go. True, you will not get a McDonalds at all corners; but if you appreciate the fact that tourist centers may not only be theme parks then you have a lot to see. I have listed some of the places of interest in the Sights and History sections on the left hand. You can check it out.

There are now a bunch of hotels and motels that you can use to stay. A few are:

1. Peerless (erstwhile Maharaja International) is the usual choice. Hotel is located in the City Center Area
2. Preetika: Located in Bidhan Nagar. Very comfortable and recommended.
3. Hotel Ispat: Located on the junction of Central Aenue and Trunk Road. Very comfortable and recommended.
4. Hotel Pathik. Gandhi More..
5. Hotel Kasino in Benachity. Not sure I can tackle the noise and claustrophobia of Benachity. But heard it is ok.

In all Durgapur is probably a perfect place to live a decent westernized lifestyle, Here are some of my observations:

1. People are industrious in nature.
2. The lifestyle and standard of living is simply ways better than most of West Bengal:
   a. Best education you can possibly get for your children till 12th, if you are interested in professional lines. Per capita IIT(in percent of total students appearing in the region) crackers are highest in the state.
   b. Per capita(in percent of total students appearing in the region) JEE crackers are the highest in the state.
3. Infra-structure such as roads, clean water, electricity is much better than Calcutta and other places of Bengal.
4. Road space is 35% compared to Calcutta's 6%. Hence very rare traffic snarls. This is in line with UN urban guidelines.
5. Air quality in residential areas is vey good. It fell quite a bit during the industrial upsurge in 2002. Now with environmental measures in place, it has gotten really good.
6. You have your own space. I have lived in Durgapur and in America. My space is extremely important to me. If you appreciate it, Durgapur is your place.
7. Crime other than petty thefts etc., is pretty much absent. It is very safe for women.
8. One of the two areas where Durgapur is lacking (and so is rest of Bengal) is top-quality health-care. A number of smart private hospitals are in; havent had a chance to check them out.
9. Second: Airport - started a dialogue to see if we can get them moving.....

Durgapur is essentially an industrial town (mainly steel), and not really where the tourist should head. The environs are balmy, however, and there are a couple of things to see, notably the Durgapur Barrage on the Damodar River. A couple of riverside retreats have also reportedly come up. Durgapur is well-connected to Kolkata by train (about 3 hours). Still no airport in sight, although there is an airstrip and some talk of Air Sahara starting a service.

A couple of nice excursions can be made from here. Shantiniketan--a township set up by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore--is particularly rewarding. Bakreshwar, with its hot water springs, is not far.

The best hotel in town is the 3-star Peerless Inn. See www.sarovarparkplaza.com for details.


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