Nightlife and Entertainment in Calcutta

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Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal. Right off the east bank of River Hooghly, Calcutta is the 8th largest metropolitan area in the world. Though Calcutta is mostly known for its artistic and revolutionary history, there are some great bars and nightclubs to be had. 

Someplace Else

The Park Hotel is a five star hotel on Park Avenue in Calcutta. The Park Hotel is the Mecca of nightlife with four of the best spots for your nocturnal activities. One of the hot spots is Someplace Else. Modeled after a British style pub, Someplace Else is a bar that is friendly to western visitors. With a mix of music offered from the DJ, you will hear lots of sounds straight from India to the United States. The pub is regarded as the best in town by many reviews and a must for any music lovers. Happy hour ends at about 8pm so arrive early for good deals on drinks.


Another of Park Hotel’s nightlife venues is Tantra. Tantra is an international dance club that is one of the city’s top nightclubs. Mostly aimed at the under 30 crowd, Tantra has loud pumping music and a pristine dance floor. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement till you hit the relaxing area off the other side of the bar. There, long flowing curtains and big cushions greet you to bring your heart rate down. This wouldn’t be the best place for conversation or chilling with friends but you’ll definitely have a great time if you’re looking for dancing and drinks.

Roxy and Aqua

Park Hotel is also home to Roxy (a trendy cocktail bar) and Aqua (al fresco dining and bar). Both are open to the public as late night hangouts for friends.

Fine Arts

If bars and clubs aren’t exactly your scene you may be interested in the variety of traditional live music that Calcutta offers. The Academy of Fine Arts is an art gallery that also offers entertainment from time to time. They have a large hall that is a venue for many traditional musicians, dancers and plays. To find out what is being offered in the area look at the local newspapers and Cal Calling.  

Calcutta is home to a wide variety of nightclubs, bars, pubs, discos and event venues. From high paced dance clubs to traditional classical music and everything in between, Calcutta is a mix of modern and traditional Indian culture. You’ll be sure to find some kind of excitement in the area.

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