Museums in Calcutta

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There are several museums in Calcutta, India that will give you the flavor of local culture and history. Each is different and imparts a different aspect of life in the region. 

Calcutta Indian Museum

The Calcutta Indian museum is one of the oldest in Asia. It is in Chowringhee on Jawaharlal Nehru Road. Its proper name is Indian Museum of Kolkata. Displays include a 4000 year old mummy and urn containing ashes of Buddha. There are fossils, coins, and art. There is a Geological, Zoological, and Archaeological & Anthropological section. You can spend the entire day there

Asiatic Society of Kolkata

Another museum in town is Asiatic Society of Kolkata and is located on Park Street.  The Library is extensive with a great collection of books and manuscripts. There are also paintings, sculptures, bronzes, and coins amongst the expansive exhibits of anything Asian.

Kolkata Panorama

Kolkata Panorama or Kolkata Museum Society is in the old town hall on Esplanade row West. This museum explores the history of Calcutta and the region. This is a new museum only being in existence since 2002. The museum employs a state of the art communication technology to impart the story to visitors and involves them in events of the past. It is truly a unique experience of virtual reality where visitors can interact with past leaders. 

Science City

Science City can be found on the Eastern Metropolitan bypass. It contains several high tech exhibits including Space Odyssey, Evolution Theme Park, Maritime Center and a Science park where you can walk among butterflies, interact with robots, explore the past through a time machine and much more. It is open 9am to 9 pm every day.

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