Getting There in Calcutta

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By Plane

There are many travel options for getting to Kolkata, with airlines such as British Airways offering long-haul flights from Western Europe, Air Asia allowing you to fly there cheaply from many other destinations within the continent, and Air India offering services from all over the world, including North America. From within India itself, there are a number of budget operators such as Kingfisher who can fly you there from other major cities such as Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. When you arrive in Calcutta you will find yourself in Dum-Dum airport which gives its name to the special kind of bullet used by the British Army in the 19th and 20th centuries.

By Train

Perhaps the most exciting way to travel to Calcutta is by train, either from within India itself on one of the country's fast and generally timely services or from neighbouring Bangladesh. Trains in South Asia are usually extremely good value and you can purchase a comfortable sleeper cabin for not a lot of cash.

By Boat

You can also get passage on a ferry that will take you to Calcutta via the iconic River Hoogly. This is the least common but perhaps the most intriguing way to reach the city.

By Bus

The highways leading to Calcutta from other Indian destinations are usually of high quality. There are plenty of tourist buses of good comfort and size that will take you to Calcutta from other parts of the country, usually for very cheap. One of the leading firms is

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