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Kewpie's Kitchen

Kewpie's Kitchen


Calcutta boasts of a number of good places for eating out. The hotels mentioned in the Accomodation section also offers decilious Indian and International cuisine. Park Street which maybe regarded as the downtown of Calcutta has excellent resturants in every nook and corner . Some of the good places to eat out are:


Near New Market, on Sudder Street

Zaraang has been rated among the best restaurants of India. With the high society of Calcutta a perpetual fixture in the Indian and French restaurants here, it is a bit of a restaurant and a bit of a 'place to be seen in'. Nevertheless, the food is fantastic, both the French and Indian foods are very well made. The only problem is perhaps that the service too seems a bit on the snobbery trip, if you don't look like a fantastic tipper, you may contend with the occasional cold shoulder. Shiraz

Park Street / Park Circus

Shiraz is a must for everyone who comes in to Calcutta. The Mughlai is excellent, great authentic stuff, toned down for those who can't handle the spice and in full beam for lovers of high-calorie stuff. The Biriyani here is very famous. There is also Nizam's nearby which has become a sort of institution in Mughlai food in Calcutta.



Dhaba is another good place for meaty North Indian food. The food here is more on the spicy Punjabi end, with lots of tikkas and tandooris to choose from. The local breads (naans and rotis) are fantastic. Dhaba is also known for its meaty rolls (not the bread encompassed gyps of Bombay, real naan rolls) Upper Crust

Camac Street

Upper Crust is a chain of bakeries, which have become a sort of tradition in Calcutta. It began with Flury's and Kathleen's the two 'original' bakeries in the city, subsequently followed by many more, including chains of bakeries like Upper Crust. The Camac Street branch is probably the best, the Black Forests and Pineapple pastries are absolutely delightful. Chinese Pavilion


There are several good Chinese food restaurants all over the city. In fact, Calcutta was the original purveyor of good Chinese food, which began at little shops in the city's Chinatown. Even today, lovers of authentic Chinese food would venture into Chinatown in Tangra a bit outside the city. However, lovers of good food would probably like Chinese pavilion, excellent food, well made, not too expensive. Momo Plaza

Lee Road

Around Elgin road and Lee road there are several Tibetan food places, specialising in their 'Dim Sums' called Momos. These are extremely popular in Calcutta, though seldom heard of anywhere else in the country. Momo Plaza serves excellent Momos in several varieties, as do the several restaurants around it. Mutlicuisine


1 Waterloo Street

Calcutta 700 016

Phone 91-33-2482015 / 91-33-2483018

Blue Fox

55 Park Street

Calcutta 700 016

Phone 91-33-297948 / 91-33-297998


24 Gariahat Road

Calcutta 700 016

Phone 91-33-297681 / 91-33-297849

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Oh Calcutta!

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Possibly the best restaurant in this city, when one takes into consideration the space, decor, ambience, service and above all the food. There is a constant striving after fusion cuisine that retains the character of Calcutta. To die for ... the tomato kashundi, the bekti meuniere with lemon butter and the rice pudding flavoured with custard apples (ata'r paayesh).

World66 rating: [rate it]
PriceOfMenu:Rs. 600 or $15 per head
address:The Forum, Elgin Road


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Aheli is a nice cuisine with great Bengali food with unique ambiance and the touch Bengali hospitality is a bonus. The dishes famous here are "Paturi","Luchi" and more.

type:Indian and Pakistani
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Situated on the Bypass near the ITC Sonar Bangla, it serves the best Sikandari Raan. If you want proper Pakistani food, this is the place to go, with authentic interiors as well. The menu is inspired by the slow charcoal fire of the simple iron vessel called 'Sigree', and the timeless taste it renders in food. The food is slowly cooked with patience and love, over the charcoal flame, in a method that is centuries old. Till it brings out the secret flavour of each ingredient. Each dish in the carefully researched and restored menu brings back the mouth-watering simplicity of more..

type:Indian and Pakistani
World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:No reservations, first come first serve.
tel: +(91)-(33)-22517031, 22517032
address:5, Silver Arcade, Jbs Haldane Ave, Em Bypass, East Kolkata Township, Kolkata Kolkata, India
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