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Cars and bikes are the elements of fascination for most of the people. Kids are not an exception to it anyways, and like other people, they also want to have the thrill of the racing bikes and cars on their own. It's the thrill and fast paced action that are synonymous with motor racing, and Hot Wheels, the market leader in this regard, has designed its collections accordingly. A click to brings the wide range of toy versions of the leading sports cars and bikes for all the action kids. RightToys.In has shouldered this Herculean task of gathering all the offerings in this category from Hot Wheels, and all the offerings are available at lucrative discounted prices. Both the two wheelers and four wheeler segment at are studded with stunning miniatures of the world famous sports bikes and cars, fashionable SUV, MUV, and many more works. Numerous collections like HOTWHEELS 10-CAR PACK, HOTWHEELS TRAIL BLAZER, HW FERRARI 1 64 5PK, HW BF5 MINI BATTLE ASST and many more develops the mental maturity of the kid in an easy-to-understand-and-act manner. Offering like JUG KETTLE, 6’’ Feature Figures, COLISEUM DISC SHOOTER are the other collections that the kids would love to have. Puzzle gaming actually test the intelligence level of a human by throwing some confusing facts, out of which, the right answer has to be spotted. Application of logic and inference are the two things that are of sheer importance regarding this, and the moment human brain faces them, the brain starts tickling to solve the puzzling sequence. HOT WHEELS has inserted these things into its Math learning and Puzzle solving game series, and just a click at Hot Wheel subsection at brings them all, right in front of you. The collection Fun Puzzle, as the name suggests, is the collection of puzzling incidents, and your kid has to apply the brain to sort the right answer out. Maths is the subject that has been a headache for innumerable people, and lack of clear fundamentals could be the reason for that. Our offering called Maths Puzzle is designed in such a fun filled manner that will make the number game an absolute delight to play. Your kid will start treating numbers as mates, and will start catching up the facts like logical sequencing, number patterns very quickly.

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