Getting Around in Varanasi

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There are several Varanasi transportation services that will transport you around the city. However, the narrow lanes of the city restricts the modes of transport to a few types. Walking is advisable in these narrow lanes.

Cycle Rickshaw

This environment-friendly mode of transportation is easily available everywhere in the city and is also very cheap and comfortable. It is mostly preferred for short distance routes within the city.

City Bus

They mostly serve the outskirts of the city and is mostly used by the locals for commuting.  It is better to avoided it all together as they are very crowded and uncomfortable for long journeys.


These three-wheelers run on the city roads throughout the day. They are pretty economical and very comfortable for long and short trips in and around the city. Moreover, they are easily available too.


Small boat rides are a common sight on the River Ganga. They are the most comfortable and cheapest mode of transportation for crossing the river and reaching the ghats.


Taxi service is also available in the city and is best used for long trips in and around city. They are much comfortable then others. However, the service is restricted to main city roads only, as the by-lanes are too narrow for taxis.

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