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Meerut ( Hindi: मेरठ, Urdu: میرٹھ) IPA: pronunciation   ( help· info) is an ancient city located 72 km (44 miles) north-east of New Delhi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Meerut also has one of the major army garrisons/cantonments in this part of the country. Meerut can also refer to the district in which Meerut is located.

Name Etymology

Ravana's wife Mandodari (in Ramayana) hailed from Meerut. The town may have derived its name from "Maya Rashtra", the capital of the kingdom owned by Mandodari's father Mayadanava.


Meerut is famously associated with the Indian Rebellion of 1857 against the British East India Company, when chants of popular Hindi-Urdu slogan "Dilli Chalo" ("Let's march to Delhi!") were first raised here. Meerut cantonment is the place where the rebellion started when Hindu and Muslim soldiers were given rifle cartridges with a coating made of animal fat. The bullet wrapping was to be opened by mouth before use, which affected religious sensibilities of both Muslims and Hindus as the animal coating was alleged to be composed of pork and beef.

Geography and Climate Falling Rain Genomics Geographical area, Square KM, 1999 2,564.00

According to Census 1991, the area of Meerut district is 3,911 km², of which the rural area is 3,665.73 km² and the urban area is 245.27 km².



Meerut City is also the headquarters of Meerut district which consists of 1,025 villages with a population of around (3.44 million) according to the 1991 census.

District population District Male Female Totals Urban 681,209 595,348 1,276,557 Rural 1,180,533 990,822 2,171,355 Totals 1,861,742 1,586,170 3,447,812

Meerut has one of the largest Muslim populations among the major cities of India(close to 45%). There is also a significant Christian population. Meerut was the site of one of India's worst communal riots during the 1980's.


Meerut is becoming an important media center, as journalists from all over Uttar Pradesh and other Indian states are working in Meerut.


Dainik jagran Hindustan Amar ujala Heera Times (evening) Dainik Prabhat Education Education

Meerut is becoming an important center for education in Western Uttar Pradesh. Students from all over U.P. and other states come to Meerut to study in programs leading to B.A., M.A., B.Com, M.Com, B.Sc. M.Sc., BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, L.Lb., L.LM, B.Pharma, BHMCT, B.Tech., M.Tech & various other degrees in Para Medical Scinces. Also, a large number of government & private institutes provide education in these fields.

The city's young graduates today are contributing to the Indian Information Technology industry boom. Many of them are working for the topmost companies around the world.

School enrollments 2000-01

1580 Primary Schools 585 Junior Schools 243 Higher Secondary Schools 21 Degree Colleges 1 University 2 Industrial Training Institutes 2 Polytechnics 7 Engineering College 1 Govt Medical College 1 Private Medical College

Mythological significance

(home of lac) described in the Mahabharata — designed in conspiracy to burn Pandavas alive by Kauravas — was situated here. In the great Hindu epic, Ramayana, Shravan Kumar carried his feeble parents on his shoulders to all the pilgrimage sites in India, but it is believed that when he passed through Meerut, he was filled with evil feelings and put down his parents for some time to get some rest and water. It was here that Lord Rama's father, the king, mistook Shravan Kumar for a deer and shot him with an arrow by accident. Shravan Kumar's parents declared that the king's own first son would abandon him when he most needed him.


On December 21, 2005, Meerut gained notoriety when a video appeared in the national media showing police officers physically abusing men and women ( Yahoo News) as part of Operation Romeo. This "operation" targeted young couples out on a date, ostensibly to "prevent the sexual harassment of women". Mall Road is a wide road in Meerut near what was originally a British Military cantonment. Raghbir Sarang was known to have raced horses and buggies on this road and was whipped for having beaten up an Englishman. In the 1940s, Meerut movie theatres had a "Don't Move" policy during playing of the British national anthem. Meerut is famous for its sweets, especially Gazaks and Rewri. In 2006 a fire in Meerut killed over 225 people at a consumer electronics fair, held in Victoria park stadium. This was followed by fire at Multiplex Cinema named as PVS Mall. On 27 April 2007 Police Officers tried to arrest the principal of one of Meerut's most respected schools, St. Mary's Academy, which is run by the Patrician Brothers.


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