Getting Around in Lucknow

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The first thing you notice when you come out of Charbagh Railway station is the ear peircing noise and choking smoke of "tempo", a cross between Auto-Rickshaw found every where in India and four wheelers. It takes 6 - 10 people at unbelievable cheap rates to all corners of Lucknow.

Don't ever even think of venturing out in the mass transport, the buses. You may never reach the destination.

You want to enjoy roads and travelling in Lucknow or for that matter anywhere in Uttar Pradesh, take cycle rickshaw...or simply riksha. Slow, a little costlier than tempos...they are fun to travel in. Places like Aminabad and other shopping areas, they move with front touching the back of the other one. You'd be surprised to see sometimes upto 5 people on one rickshaw !!!

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