Getting Around in Uttar Pradesh

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Uttar Pradesh, being in the plains of India, has a dense network of railways. So, obviously this is the best mode of transport. For the benefit of foreigners, the Indian Railway has seperate counters for them and also lot of facilities and concessions, such as:

1) The reservation can be done 360 days in advance

2) Indrail Pass

Indrail Passes can be purchased by foreign nationals and non-resident Indians. Payment is accepted in US dollars, pound sterling and other convertible foreign currency in cash, travellers cheques and credit cards. An Indrail Pass enables the holder to travel as he likes, from any point in any train in the class it is issued for, with in the period of validity. Passes are available from half-day to 90 days duration and can be used within one year of issue. The validity period starts from the date of the first train journey and last journey should be commenced before the midnight of the last day.

Request for reservation can be made through the nearest General Sales Agents abroad. No reservation fee, superfast charge or surcharge for the journey need be paid.

For more information see Indrail Pass or Indian Railway

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