Nightlife and Entertainment in Srinagar (Pauri Garhwal)

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Srinagar (Pauri Gahwal) nightlife is not as amusing and active as nightlife in Mumbai or any other big cities around India. This is a quiet, peaceful town, but it doesn’t mean that tourists can’t have fun here. Forget about pubs and clubs here and just enjoy the things this city has to offer. Try local food in any of the restaurants, shoot some pool, enjoy the local theater...just don’t expect to find alcohol. The strongest drink that you will find in the city is probably the strong coffee. If tourists really want an alcohol drinks, they should head to 5 star hotels and drink in their bar. They should mind that even there, they will get “no no” for drinking. Islamization of this area started back in 1990’s, and since then drinking is forbidden for the locals. Boulevard Road This Boulevard is probably the top star of the Srinagar nightlife. Tourists and locals eat the street food here and enjoy the music coming from the different restaurants. Dal Lake is just next to the boulevard, and people are always sitting there and enjoying the peace of the lake. There is always some kind of festival going on and Kashmiri music is quite popular. Tourists can head to Zabarawan Park, and they will likely run into the music festival. Try the local meatballs, but beware that all Indian food is spicy beyond limits. Coffee Arabica This is the place where tourists feel right at home. Western music is played in the place and pictures of the movie stars are around on the walls. Tourists can always find well dressed managers sitting around and having coffee or open meetings. The place is a bit expensive, but still not overpriced, and they have all kinds of western coffee’s. Restaurants Tourists should head to one of the restaurants in Srinagar. The food is excellent and this city has special cuisine. If tourists are really hungry and haven’t gone to a Srinagar wedding, they should try 30-course meals called 'Wazawan'. Unfortunately, there are no desserts because locals love spicy food, rarely sweet. A wide range of meals with meat are available, as are vegetarian dishes. Also, they have amazing freshly squeezed juices.
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