Top 5 Must Do's in India

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Traveling to India can be a deeply spiritual and eye-opening journey for many, while others enjoy the amazing cuisine or vibrant party atmosphere in some of the areas. Whatever your agenda, here are 5 things you should not miss when traveling to India:

Ride in an Auto Rickshaw
These small black and yellow three wheelers run rampant on Indian roads throughout the expansive country and are a must-experience attraction during your time in India. Generally inexpensive, these small vehicles weave in and out of cars and give you a whole new perspective on the traffic that fills Indian streets. Be sure to negotiate where you are going and how much the trip will cost before taking off, and enjoy this unique travel type firsthand.

Eat Biriyani
Available in vegetable, chicken, beef and mutton, this quintessential Basmati rice dish is something to take in on your trip to India, as anywhere else you try biriyani it will just not taste the same. The Hyderabadi version is by far the most famous, so if you will be in the south near Hyderabad, be sure to check it out. Otherwise, there are many restaurants throughout southern states that offer Hyderabad-style biriyanis that are just as mouth watering.

Take a Houseboat Cruise
Enjoy the backwaters of Kerala aboard a houseboat, or Kettuvallam, made entirely of planks of Jackwood tied together with a strong rope. These amazing boats--that use not a single nail in their construction--last generations and come complete with bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. Enjoy relaxation at its finest as you navigate the waters with the help of your houseboat’s crew made up of a guide, cook and oarsman. Take an overnight journey and enjoy some of Kerala’s famous cuisine.   

Enjoy Beer and Spicy Starters
No trip to India is complete without a look into the social culture of Indians. Stop by a pub or other nightspot to try Indian beers like Kingfisher or Taj Mahal, or experience any of the various varieties of Indian rum. Order some spicy starters such as Chicken Tikka, Masala Papads or Chicken Manchurian and sit back and enjoy.

Hit the Beach
Possessing some of the finest beaches in the world, Indian beaches are filled with lush greenery and golden sands. Goa and Kovalam Beach in Kerala are the most popular in the country, but there are beaches up and down the Indian peninsula and you can easily transverse the country to enjoy a dip in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal during your trip.

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