TIRUPATI Travel Guide

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Tirumala photo

Tirumala photo


       Tirupati the most piligrim visited piligrimage centre in the world.The Temple of LORD VENKATESHWARA in Tirupati is one of the most popular temples in the world.This is the mostly visited temple in india by hindus and  is very richest temple.

       As per the survey this temple may be considered as the second most popular having the most piligrims visited through out the year.This TIRUPATI is also known as the temple town in south india. This is well connected with all means of transport.By road it is well connected with major cities in south india like CHENNAI(150 km), BANGALORE (230 km), HYDERABAD(530 km).These cities are well connected with air routes too. Tirupati got airport (25 km) too which is well connected domestically from all major cities all over  the india.

       After reaching Tirupati there are number of ways to reach the temple either by walk or by road.To reach temple (TIRUMALA) 22 km from TIRUPATI there are number of buses almost starting every 5 min.TIRUMALA is also known as the UPPER TIRUPATI. There is also steps build(7 km) so that visitors can go by walk.This way is through the hills and jungle where some of the sceneries of mother nature can be seen.Here the people from all over the world come and get the blessings of LORD VENKATESHWARA.

       Next to TIRUMALA temple there are some other temples are also present which are having the greatness of their own.
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