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Thiyagarajaswamy Temple,Tiruvarur

Thiyagarajaswamy Temple,Tiruvarur


The District of Tiruvarur has been carved out as a separate district due to trifurcation of Thanjavur District (of 1981 census). According to this division, seven taluks namely  Kudavasal, Thiruvarur, Nannilam, Needamangalam, Mannargudi, Thirutturaippundi and Valangaiman were detached from the Thanjavur district to form this new district. At present also this district is comprised of seven taluks and ten Community Development Blocks.

Thanjavur attained prominence under the Chola rulers who were paramount in South India during the 9th to 12th centuries. They were excellent rulers and mighty builders. Many examples are found in the district which bears testimony to this. Many of these temples reflect the geniusness and architectural proficiency in sculpture, painting and wood-carving.

The administration of Thanjavur (Tiruvarur) was given over to English fully under the Treaty of 1799. The  ruler of  Thanjavur  was  allowed  to  retain the fort of Thanjavur with very limited powers. When the ruler died in 1841, without heir,  the Thanjavur fort was also annexed by the British.  Thanjavur remained under the British rule until 1947 when India attained freedom.

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