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Srirangam, the abode of the Supreme Lord, Sri Ranganatha, the reclining form of Lord Vishnu, is situated in an island surrounded by the revered river Cauvery, near Tiruchirappalli. Lush green mango groves, banana gardens, Coconut groves add color to the island. Srirangam is the foremost among the eight shrines of Lord Vishnu.

It is one of the most important among the 108 pilgrim centres in the whole of India. The shrine has glorious spiritual and cultural hertitage and is held in great reverence by all Hindus, particularly the vaishnavites. The entire complex is full of architectural marvel. It draws a lot of devotees from all parts of the world. The ‘Rajagopuram’ is 236 feet high with 13 tiers and is the tallest temple tower in Asia.

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