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Pondicherry, also called Puducherry, is a small union territory where the French ruled even after independence. Even today, in this free Indian territory, the relics of French rule are evident from the dress of the police to the kind of roads, or the simplicity of the people, adopted during the French rule. Technically, The Union Territory of Pondicherry includes 4 enclaves located in three states of South India. It includes the coastal towns of Pondicherry?and Karaikal in?Tamil Nadu, Yanam in Andhra Pradesh and Mahe in Kerala.

Present day Pondicherry is a tourist place mostly because of the beauty of the sea and devotees or inspired Aurobindoians, as the site of the Ashram of Aurobindo, inspires every soul to remember the Divine, samarpan, and lead a divine life not just aspiring for physical success. Pondicherry beach is a very wonderful and marvellous touch of the nature, with the early sunrise seemingly trying to pranam the blue eyed white framed water through its reflection on the sea, maintaining its hotness, even during summer which means first importance is to be given to the motherland, and its clean reddish yellow colour makes us aware of the bright future ahead of us leading to success.

Pondicherry is a marvellous tourist place every humanbeing aspires to be at.

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