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Two important events took place at Sri Rajagopalaswamy temple in Mannargudi, Tiruvarur district, on September 1 and 3. A Mahayagna with 1,008 yaga gundams was performed on the first day. A unique feature of this Mahayagana conducted for world peace was people's participation cutting across caste lines from all over the State. The response to the Mahayagna Committee announcement that those who wanted to participate could do so by paying Rs. 2,000 and adhering to strict "vratam" for three days was overwhelming. A sum of Rs. 15 lakhs out of the total amount collected was donated to the Annadhanam scheme of the Government. Those who participated in the Mahayagna were presented with a Kamakshi vilakku, photos of the deities Sri Rajagopalaswamy and Sri Chenbagalakshmi Thayar.

On September 3, kavachams worth Rs. 1crore were offered to Lord Sri Paravasudeva Perumal, principal deity and Sri Chenbagalakshmi Thayar, consort of Vasudeva Perumal, known as "Alankara Priyar." The ornaments included "Thiruman" with glittering diamonds for Vasudeva Perumal and "Netrithilakam" for His Consort. The kavacham was prepared using 14 kg of gold for Vasudeva Perumal and three kg of gold for Chenbagalakshmi Thayar. Hundreds of devotees had darshan of the Lord and the Goddess after they were adorned with the Kavacham.

Yet another important work going on at Mannargudi is the desilting of Haridranathi tank in which the float festival of Sri Rajagopalaswamy temple is held every year. Though the temple was built by the Chola kings it was expanded with seven prakarams by King Vijayaraghava Nayak, probably in 1650 A.D.

He also built the Haridranathi tank and kept Mannargudi as his second capital. Recognising the services rendered by the king to the temple and the tank, during Vaikunta Ekadasi festival, the Utsavar, Lord Sri Rajagopalaswamy, is decorated as Vijayaraghava Nayak. The Utsavar, assumed to be rearing cows, is seen with a chendu in his hand with a cow and calves keeping him company.


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