Tours and Excursions in Chennai

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Conducted tours and excursions can be arranged as one day trip in and around Chennai to places like Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, etc.

MAHABALIPURAM: is famous for monolithic sculptures on the seashore.  These sculptures belong to the period of Pallava Kings who ruled this part of South India many centuries ago.  Chariot, Elephant and other huge sculptures out of single stone is worth seeing.  After the devastating Tsunami in December 2004, many more sculptures under the sea have come to the land level and Archeologists are reasearching on the details of thes e sculptures.

KANCHIPURAM, is a place famous for temples and silk sarees.  Also, one of the place where the Hindu mutt called the Shakaracharya Mutt is situated.  Varadaraja Perumal Temple and Kanchi Kamakshi temples are very famous.  There are many colonies who involve in weaving pure silk sarees worth seeing and purchasing too as it ranges from a simple Rs.2000/- to  Rs. 1 Lakh also.

SRIPERAMBUDUR:  On the way to Kanchipuram is another place called the Sriperumbudur, came to light from a sleeping village after the assassination of Shri Rajiv Gandhi, India's youngest elected Prime Minister on May 21, 1991, who in a short span of his politics, brought in a rapid change Information Technolocy, Communications Systems in India.

DAKSHINCHITRA: This place is situated on the ECR High way at about 25 Kms. from the centre of Chennai. It is worth spending atleast a day here to see the ancient type of common houses of the South India as it depicts the variety of houses built in those days to suit their needs. For e.g the fishermens' house in Kerala, Weavers house in Tamilnadu (Kanchipuram), Karnataka, and Andhra. One can also find the handicrafts of these states and many families actually live here and show you how they work on a potters' wheel, weave silk sarees, make glass idols and the same items are sold here. Many volunteers work here to promote the work of these artisans.

MUTTUKADU: The backwaters of Bay of Bengal, this place is a picnic spot where you can go for boat ride, or row your boat along the backwaters and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea after 3.00pm.


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