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When you are in Chennai as a tourist or a short-stay traveller, if you wish to escape the tedious chore of buying grocery, vegetables and fruits, shop at "Stores on Doors" (www.storesondoors.com), the only online shop in Chennai to supply the complete package of grocery, vegetables and fruits. Their slogan “Not just shopping but a lifestyle” is quite true! We can order online (www.storesondoors.com) or by phone (044-6515 8534). They are friendly and professional, right from guiding us through the registration and ordering process. Then when you chill out at home, their delivery boy appears at your doorstep at the specified time on the same day with your grocery and veggies with a smile. No vehicle fuel cost, no time waste… quite magical, right? Even the greens are fresh, but the real feel-good factor is their ‘no delivery charges’ policy. What a relief, not having to tackle traffic jams, stand in long queues in billing counters and carry heavy bags of grocery and vegetables at the end of a tiring day! And the most reassuring part is they offer cash on delivery option. Their prices are 10% lesser than other shops in Chennai. Their Smart Budget Buy and Easy Quick Buy sections help to save money and time. This online shop is very useful for travellers, working couples, IT professionals, senior citizens, NRIs and physically and mentally differently abled people in Chennai. ‘Stores on Doors’ offers a smart and eco-friendly shopping option to escape the fast approaching blazing summer in Chennai.

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