Tamil Nadu Travel Guide

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Tamil Nadu is India’s southernmost state. Tamil is the most spoken language as opposed to Hindi in most other parts and if you’re looking for the cradle of all vegetarian dishes, you’ve hit the right state. Sometimes it feels as if in the south, and especially Tamil Nadu, the atmosphere is different than in most other parts of India. Maybe a bit warmer, a bit more relaxing combined with the proud south Indians and their welcoming and friendly nature in general.

Chennai is Tamil Nadu’s capital and is a thriving city that is a good point from which to explore the rest of the state. Not far away from Chennai is the little village of Mahabalipuram that offers, besides a good place to relax and excellent beaches, some of the most impressively carved sandstone shore temples. When you’re interested in temples, you can’t miss out on the Shree Meenakshi Temple complex that dominates the whole lively city of Madurai. A fresh breath of air can be caught at the hill-station of Kodaikanal. After the challenging bus trip, you’ll appreciate the lakes, views and serene atmosphere even more.


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