Pelling Travel Guide

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Pelling is the jumping-off point for most trekkers in Sikkim.  With easy access to the popular four-day "Local Trek," the village has basic amenities as well as spectacular views.  Don't miss the lovely walks and awesome vistas from the nearby monasteries.

Some tourists stay at the Hotel Garuda  (which might be mentioned by the hotel's owner here) which gives out a handy trekking map and has a detailed logbook with other travellers' notes.  It also boasts the village's best views of Kanchenjanga from its rooftop terrace.  The restaurant has a wide and varied menu, including excellent warm Tibetan bread.  There are many other places to stay and eat in Pelling, and thus it is recommended to turn to your handy guidebook for more impartial information.

Like all of Sikkim, Pelling is plagued by frequent and unpredictable power cuts, so bring a flashlight.

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