Lachung/Yumthung/Zero Point Travel Guide

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May 2011,

May 2011,


There are lots of travel agents arrange trip for Lachung/Yumthung. But for Zero Point you need to pay extra to the car driver only. It will be either 2days-1 night or 3 days-2 night package (as you wish). There will be a night halt at Lachung. Lachung is a very small valley surrounded by the snowy peaks of The Himalayan Range. It's an amazing expirience in viewing the beauty of nature at moonlit night with thousands of stars above your head. You will be staying in the wooden cottages (as arranged by the travel agent) at night.

Morning, you can start for Yumthung (13000 ft), the valley of flowers. To see the real beauty of this valley best to go during May-July period, it will be flooded with different colourful flowers then. There flowig the river Lachung and in all other sides there would be peaks, the scenic beauty is enormous.

Zero Point (14000 ft) is for playing with snow dust, every where you 'll find only snow snow and snow, you may take precautions for breathing problem, it's common for some.

This package is really an enjoyable package with full of natural beauty all around.

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