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Heritage Tour to Sikkim Monasteries



The monasteries of Sikkim are places of religious discourses, worship and meditation and are the store-house of many hands written religious books and manuscripts preaching morals.  Monasteries constitute the part and parcel of Sikkimese cultural heritage. In general, the monasteries are called Gompa, which means a solitary place.

In Sikkim there are near about 200 monasteries or Gompas belonging to the Kagyu and Nyingma order have not only been influencing the cultural heritage and lifestyle of the people, but also demonstrates the ancient rituals in practice. Devoted Lamas robed in red, chant ancient mantras (like “Om Mani Padmani Om”) to the rhythm of drums and trumpets while soft lights flicker from decorative lamps placed before statues of the great Guru Padmasambhava. Feel the peace and quiet of being one with nature and close to the almighty as sacred words mingle with the whirring prayer wheels.


Some of important monasteries of Sikkim are:

Phensong Monastery (24 Kms. from Gangtok) one of the religious place in the northern part of Sikkim. Phensong Monastery was built in 1721 and belongs to the Nyingmapa.


 Phodong Monastery (38 Kms. from Gangtok).This monastery was built by the Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal in the first quarter of the eighteenth century in Phodong in North Sikkim. It belongs to the Kagyu and it is the first Kagyu monastery to be set up in Sikkim. It is famous for its delicate mural painting and frescoes. It possesses the old mural paintings. This is on of the important heritage monastery of Sikkim.


Rumtek Monastery: About 45 minutes drive from Gangtok, 24 kms away, is the Rumtek Dharma Chakra Center, the seat of the Kagyu order, one of the 4 major Tibetan Buddhist sections.


Enchey Monastery(3 kms from Gangtok )An important seat of the Nyingma order, the Enchey Monastery meaning the Solitary temple, was originally built with the solace that no other construction would be allowed near it is built on the site blessed by Lama Druptob Karpo, a tantric master known for his flying powers. This monastery is 200-year-old and has images of god, goddesses and other religious objects in its premises Every year around January 'Chaam' the religious masked dance is performed here for two days.


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