Pushkar Travel Guide

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Pushkar, surrounded by five rivers (namely, Suprabha, Prachi Nanda, Saraswati, Kanaka and Pushkar) and over fifty ghats, is a worthwhile stop on your trip to Rajasthan. The place is just 12 kms from Ajmer. It is believed that, the person who bathes in one of the rivers, will get his one way ticket to heaven instead of being doomed to an endless circle of reincarnations. Pushkar is also known as the City of Brahma because the famous Temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, the only one you'll find in India, is located here.

However, the main reason why Pushkar is known and attracts many visitors is because of the annual camel fair. In October and November, this colourful camel and cattle fair will keep you occupied for days. The main attractions are the selling and buying of cattle and the impressive camel race. Over 300,000 people from all over the world and all over the country attend this festival.

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