Lachhmangarh Travel Guide

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Laxmangarh town came into being in the year 1862. Rao Raja Laxman Singh of Sikar constructed fort of Laxmangarh at this place.


Rao Raja Laxman Singh of Sikar Thikana planned it nearly 200 years ago under Shekhawati region of erstwhile Rajputana. The reigning kingdom of jaipur had many thikanas and Shekhwati was one of them. The jagirdars of these thikanas were called Rao Rajas and Laxman Singh happened to be the Rao Raja of Sikar and founder of Laxmangarh.

The most imposing building in this town is its small fortress (owned by the Jhunjhunwala Family) which looms over the well laid out township on its west side. Laxman Singh, the Raja of Sikar,built the fort in the early 19th century after Kan Singh Saledhi besieged the prosperous town. The fort of Laxmangarh is a unique piece of fort architecture in the whole world because the structure is built upon scattered pieces of huge rocks.

The fort is private property - owned by a local businessmen and is closed to the public. You can however climb up the ramp to a temple which is open to the public, and the view from the ramp can be quite fascinating too. Of course, seeing the town from this height tempts you to go further higher, but a guard effectively keeps the public out.

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