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Jaisalmer - Sam

Jaisalmer - Sam

Satyen Badhwar

You will never forget your cold night in the Thar desert with your camel, guide and an incredible bright moon. Riding slowly through changing landscapes (no, desert does not necessarily have to mean sand-as-far-as-the-eye goes), the sight of Jaisalmer on this vast rock in the middle of nowhere will leave you flabbergasted. This is why a lot of people take a trip to the isolated Jaisalmer, to indulge in a camel safari. Be aware that you’re not the only traveller around and that the prices can vary enormously according to whom you’re dealing with. Make sure you fix you’re price before you set off for your trip off a few hours, a day or maybe even a few days.

Regarding the trips that last for several days: it seems fun to take a camel-ride but when you haven’t ridden a camel before, you don’t want to find out on the second day (with still a whole day to come) that you’re bum and other muscles (you didn’t even know you had) are aching like hell. Find out for yourself.

A good time to visit Jaisalmer is in January or February. This is the time when the colourful annual desert festival takes place. Camel races, performances of folk dances and even a Mr. Desert contest are the main attractions. Besides that, Jaisalmer is a nice town with some interesting sights, such as the Jaisalmer Fort, the Jain temples, the Gadsisar Lake and the Manek Chowk, where you can relax and take a trip by bus to glimpse at the Sam Sand Dunes (when you don’t feel like doing it on a camel).

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