Getting There in Jaipur

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By Road: Jaipur is well connected with good motorable road with Delhi 258 Kms, Ahmedabad 657 Kms, Agra 228 Kms, Bundi 300 Kms, Chittaurgarh 320 Kms, Bombay 1200 Kms, Ajmer 138 Kms, Alwar 143 Kms, Bharatpur 175 Kms, Bikaner 32 Kms, Mount Abu 509 Kms, Jodhpur 335 Kms and Udaipur by 407 Kms.

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By Rail: Jaipur is well connected by Rail with Major Cities and Towns like Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay. You will get Jaipur Express, Bikaner Express and Aravali Express. Please check the Railway Timmings and details with Indian Railways here.

Trains Available: From Jaipur To and From, Different Destinations:

Jaipur to Mumbai (Jaipur Express - 2956) Time: 13.40

Mumbai to Jaipur (Jaipur Express - 2955) Time:

Jaipur to Bandra (Aravali Express - 9708) Time: 7.00

Bandra to Jaipur (Aravali Express - 9707) Time: 20.50

Bandra to Bikaner (Bikaner Express - 4708)

Jaipur to Chennai/Bangalore Express (9788) Time: 16.15

Jaipur to Indore ( Jaipur Indore Express - 9774) Time: 19.30

Delhi to Jaipur (Delhi Jaipur Express - (2413) Time: 5.15

New Delhi to Ajmer (Shatabdi Express - 2015) Time: 6.15

Delhi to Jaipur (Delhi Gandhidham Express - 4315) Time: Time: 12.00

Delhi to Ahmedabd (Ashram Express - 2916) Time: 15.05

Delhi to Jodhpur ( Delhi Jodhpur Express - 4859) Time: 16.55

Delhi to Ahmedabad (Delhi Ahmedabad Mail - 9106) Time: 22.50

By Air: Jaipur is connected by air with Delhi, Aurangabad, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Bombay. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways, and Alliance Air operates on this Route and approximate fare is between Rs: 4200 to Rs: 6800=00. You can check the Aavailability of Flight between Two Destinations and plan your schedule accordingly.

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