Getting Around in Jaipur

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India is a large and busy, vibrant country, and there are hundreds of unique cities and sites to explore throughout the area; if you find yourself in Rajasthan, one thing that you'll likely need to consider is Jaipur transportation. Jaipur is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, and it's helpful to decide how you plan to get around in this area before you arrive so that you maximize the amount of time that you'll have for sightseeing.


One of the most traditional and common ways for tourists to get around in the Rajasthan province is by rickshaw. These carts, pulled by Indian men on bicycles or on wheels themselves, are inexpensive and a wonderful way to view the city and the sites around you.


Cars are few and far between in Jaipur, and it makes very little sense for a traveler to rent one. They tend to be overly expensive and inefficient, not to mention that they are oftentimes in poor condition, and it can be very difficult to find gas stations in the area.


Bicycles are also occasionally seen on the streets of Jaipur. These are decent modes of transportation, but they can be inefficient during busy times of day or on busy days of the week.

On Foot

One of the best ways to see Jaipur is simply by walking. You'll have plenty of chances to view different attractions, restaurants and other places of interest along the way.

If you have any other questions, speak with a representative from your hotel for more information.

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