History in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan, the land of the Kings, is India’s most colour charged states. Half desert, half bony hills, the everyday is shot with searing colour – brilliant fabrics flash like flame against the stark landscape under a village tree, rural women in traditional dress, saris drying on a purchased riverbed. Today Rajasthan remains dominated by its past, a feudal state with a largely rural population. Rajasthan today is a collection of small, fierce kingdoms, each supported vast forts, epicpalatial complexes and the incredible life style of the Maharajas. The land is harsh and frequent droughts makes scratching a living harder and harder.The pre-eminence and extravagance of the Rajput princes that created such a beguiling, mythological state with so much to offer the visitor, has also contributed to Rajasthan’s poverty and lack of advancement. Rajasthan’s maharajas and their tales of romance, valour and chivalry have passed into history, but their imposing edifices remain even today. Traveling between here and Delhi is like traveling back in time. From ages Rajasthan has been among the best tourist destinations of India. The Jaipur painted Dusky pink, Jaisalmer - a golden sandcastle, Udaipur - shimmering bone white, and Pushkar - clinging around its holy lake.

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