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lallgarh palace

lallgarh palace

Better known as the Desert City, Bikaner (pop. 288 000) is stark yet beautiful — great Hindu and Mughal art is preserved there. Similar in setting to Jaisalmer, Bikaner is a walled city with an important 16th-century fort containing many intricately carved palaces and temples. The fort is remarkably well preserved. It was attacked many times but never conquered. Bikaner is popularly known as the Camel Country and famous for the camel races that are held here. The Camel Research Farm is just 8 Kms from the city and is a place to visit and a good place to go to if you still have a few hours to kill. The city covers only an area of just 38.10 Sq. Kms and has more interesting sights to offer, for example, the Har Mandir, Lalgarh Palace and the nearby Gajner Wild Life Sanctuary.

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Bikaner Also houses the temple of the rat,where rats are treated as royality because they are the reincarnated clan members of a godess.

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