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Shadiwal is a town of Gujrat District in Punjab province, Pakistan situated between the river Chenab and canal upper jehlum. It was a small village at the end of last century but is now a developed town with a town committee. The development of Shadiwal took a step further with the building of a power plant on the upper Jhelum canal during the sixties . The population of Shadiwal is a mixture of Jats and Rehmani and other casts with Jats being in a ruling position. It is famous for it's clay utensils.Shadiwal is now a model town in punjab province having a very beautiful Rural health center runnining by Dr.Ayaz nasir and Lady Dr.Shumaila ayaz and Dental surgeon Dr.Uzma Ismail.Absolutely free Normal deliveris are conducted over there.A police station and emergency police chowki is also protecting the people of town.

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