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Haveli Jalandhar

Haveli Jalandhar


Jalandhar  ( Punjabi : ਜਲੰਧਰ ) is an ancient city in Jalandhar District in the state of Punjab, India . It was the capital of Trigarttas (people living in the "land between three rivers": Ravi, Beas and Sutlej) in the times of Mahabharata war. It has an urban population of almost a million, and another million live in the rural areas outside the city.


The city is located almost 375 kms from Delhi , and about 90 kms from Amritsar . Jalandhar is named after Jalandhara, a demon king who lived in water as his name suggests (Jal=water, dhar=in). It was the capital of Punjab until 1953 , when it was replaced by Chandigarh . Others say Jalandhar is derived from the fact that it is located between two rivers JAL (water) & ANDHAR (in). During British occupation it was called Jullundur.

Weather : Jalandhar gets very dry and hot in summers lasting from April to July. Moonsoon Rains start around early to mid July and last through August and end in September. It becomes quite cold in Dec-January. Best time to visit Jalandhar is January to March, as this time climate is quite pleasant. Along with this you can enjoy festivals like Lohri and Basant Panchami with kite flying.

Travel options from Delhi include train and road travel. Jalandhar is well connected by trains, including a Shatabdi train from Delhi to Amritsar via Jalandhar which runs twice a day with air-conditioned chair car coaches. Jammu Mail, among others, runs in the night from Delhi to Jalandhar.

Hotels in Jalandhar : The Regent Park Hotel  provides budget to luxury accommodations in Jalandhar. Price range varies from $30 to $60 per day.

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