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Gurdaspur, which is a border district of the state, has played a significant role in the defense of the country. The history of Gurdaspur bears many expressions. It has a tinge of medieval India, volumes of early Sikh history, mughal invasions, mughal empires, history of local people, religion, places and above all history of people migrated from all parts of the country who adapted to local environment and belonged there. Gurdaspur being a geographical link to the heavenly kingdoms of Kashmir, and beyond, conceals within the history of unknown soldiers and their families which settled there, history of the oppressed people who later became united to fight against to what they perceived the larger evil by that time and were called Sikhs, some old buildings and few faint reminders of English Raj, remains of an ancient India and above all history of a river which became two, Ravi & Beas, and gave road to the habitat which was later known as Gurdaspur--The land of the Master(the guru) and the disciple(das), the land of oneness. And of course, with all this it carries a living history of all cultures which metamorphosed into one, the culture against other areas of the country, the matchless culture of Gurdaspur. Batala and Dhariwal are important industrial centers known respectively for the manufacture of machine tools and woolen products. Dera Baba Nanak and Sri Hagobindpur have great religious sanctity and Pathankot - a great tourist transit center has a number of picnic spots nearby. Other towns which has historical importance are Places of Interest

Site Excavation at village named 'Ucha Pind Sanghol'. Archeological Museum at Sanghol (district Ludhiana) Guru Nanak Park On Jail Road. Singh Sabha Gurdwara on Jail Road. Fish Pound. Gk's Dera Baba Nanak(DBM) old Style Pind'Ransinke Miran. (DBN)

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