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Accommodation in Amritsar

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Amritsar offers a range of places to stay from the Rest house at the temple which is clean and cheap. There are a lot of guest houses near the temple but be sure to bargain for a good price. Amritsar has two or three five star hotels, Grand Hotel, near station, Ritz hotel on mall road. However all this hotels are about 5Km away from the temple.

April 04, 2006 change by giorgio

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Ritz Plaza

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"Established in 1963 by the scion of a pioneering family Hotel Ritz Plaza has undergone recent transformation. The hotel's 50 rooms and suites are spread over an aristocratic 2 acres on Mall Road, Amrtrisar's very elite locale. Ritz Plaza has many first of its credit - like being the first centrally air-conditioned hotel in Punjab.

In its own history it has hosted a galaxy of who's who, including a visit by the Queen of England. The hotels refurbishment has aimed at modernizing and adding comfort to a home steeped in history. Hotel Ritz Plaza is 2 kilometers from Amritsar more..

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address:The Mall 45
tel:+91 (183) 562836