Eating Out in Orissa

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Many of the hotels and restaurants which offer a good variety of Indian and Continental cuisine, and most serve Chinese food as well. Several of these hotels and restaurants have developed their own distinctive preparations, and it is always worthwhile to ask about the specialities of the house.

Main course

As would be expected in a state whose fields shimmer with a hundred different shades of green, Orissa produces a great variety of vegetables and fruits, most of which are put to excellent use in the local cuisine.

Orissan prawns are famous, and you will have ample opportunity to enjoy them in whatever style of cuisine you choose. There is also a good variety of other fresh seafood. The small, flat "pomfret" fish, with its delicate white flesh, is especially appealing.

Traditional Orissan cuisine, served in many small dishes arranged on a large thali (platter), is prepared and spiced with a light touch. Main course includes these dishes along with rice, rotis (a sort of bread much like the mexican tortilas). If you are invited to attend a dinner in someone's home, you will be able to sample the traditional local style at its best. Many hotel restaurants, however, feature some local delicacies.


Various small cakes, known as pithas, are especially good, as are the sweets made from milk. Pithas are made up of rice, coconut, flour, and often dry fruits. They are delicacies which can not be explained, they are to be tasted to have an experience.

And, no visitor should leave Orissa without sampling fresh green coconut water, locally known as "paida". The top of the young coconut will be sliced off in front of you; straws are then inserted to enable you to drink the naturally cool (and pure) liquid inside. It is more refreshing than a soft drink, and, unlike a soft drink, will leave a lingering sense of refreshment and freshness.

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Dalema - Its an Oriya cuisine special restaurant with lots of local flavours and mouthwatering typical oriya dishes. and that to its cheap.

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accessibility:it has four branches all over bhubaneswar
address:Unit-4, Shastri nagar,Akash Institute building,

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